Quark PMM440A Process Multimeter

Quark PMM440A Process Multimeter
In Manufacturers case with set of Probes
The Quark PMM440A process multimeters are unique instruments for the generation and measurement of common industrial current and voltage signals.
    0.1% Resolution of selected range
    readings in engineering units
    signal regeneration by potentiometers or touch buttons
    Integral rechargeable battery giving 12 hours operation
    8 Hours full recharge time
Current (measure): 0-100uA; 0-1mA; 0-10mA; 0-100mA
Current (generate): 0-100uA; 0-1mA; 0-10mA; 0-100mA
Voltage (measure): 0-100mV; 0-1V; 0-10V; 0-100V
Voltage (generate): 0-100MV; 0-1V; 0-10V; 0-25V
2 Wire transmitter: 0-100uA; 0-1mA; 0-10mA; 0-100mA
Data Sheet Link: http://www.scotia-instrumentation.com/PDFs/Euremica/Quark-PMM-Series-Process-Multimeters.pdf
Serial# 10047


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