Profile (Thorlabs) TED350 Temperature controller

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Profile (Thorlabs) TED350 Temperature controller

The Profile (Thor Labs) TED350 is a general purpose temperature controller particularly useful for wavelength control of laser diodes. It is designed to drive Peltier junction heat pumps, with temperature feedback via an AD509, LM35 or thermistor. +/- 5A TEC drive, up to 40W. GPIB remote control.

The TED350 is a precision temperature controller designed to power thermoelectric cooler (TEC) elements with currents up to ±5A. The controller is equipped with a PID feedback circuit. This independent control of the P (proportional) gain, the I (integral) offset control, and the D (differential) rate control allows the user to adjust the TED350 to obtain the optimal performance for a wide variety of thermal loads.

The TED350 has an input for IC temperature sensors of the AD590/592 or LM35/135/335 series as well as an input for thermistors. When thermistors are used you can choose between two resistance ranges (maximum resistance of the thermistor 20kΩ or 200kΩ).

■ ±5A/40W Low Noise TEC Output
■ Temperature Stability ≤0.001°C
■ Two Operating Modes: Constant Temperature & Constant TEC Current with Pre-Setting of the Desired TEC Current
■ Operates With All Common Sensors: Thermistor, AD590/AD592, LM135/LM335 (Pt100 upon request)
■ Set Temperature Protection Against Accidental Adjustment
■ Adjustable Current Limit and Temperature Limit
■ 4 1/2-digit LED Display of All Important Parameters
■ Separate Control of the P-, I-, & D-Gains for Perfect Adaptation to the Thermal Load
■ Analog Control of Temperature Set Point via the Input TUNE IN
■ Temperature Window Protection Output to Switch Off the Laser (In Combination With LDC340)

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