Prestige Medical 2100 Series Autoclave (Model 2100 03)


Prestige Medical 2100 Series Autoclave (Model 2100 03)

A simple to use autoclave with an 11 minute cycle at 126ºC to eliminate the risk of contamination from bacteria and other organisms.

  •     Light compact and portable
  •     A simple one step operation starts the automatic cycle.
  •     Light sequence indicators show “Power to unit”, “Cycle in progress”, “Sterilisation in progress”, “Cycle is successful” or “Cycle has failed”.
  •     Interlock system preventing lid removal whilst pressure remains in the vessel
  •     A two stage “over pressure” protection system incorporates a calibrated pressure release valve and a gasket offset device
  •     Extended life green gasket lasts in excess of 600 cycles
  •     Electronic devices turn off the power if there is insufficient water.
  •     Temperature and pressure gauges show internal chamber conditions during the cycle
  •     Thermal fuse and double pole fuses protect against overheating and electrical fault

Technical Specifications:

Height     335 mm Width     340 mm Weight     4,5 Kg
Capacity     9 litres
Dimensions of the internal chamber (depth / height) 210/230 mm
Maximum length of the instruments     228 mm
Maximum weight of load     3,0 Kg
Operating Pressure     1,4 bar
Voltage     230V
Power     1500W
Frequency     50-60Hz
Sterilization time     11 minutes
Total cycle time     22 minutes
Water volume     0,75 litres

Original Hard Copy Manual

Spare "New" Gasket included

Serial# CE26037

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