Pra 2360 Crystal Oscillator Ageing System


"Pra Inc" 2360 Crystal Oscillator Ageing System QA "Burn-in Oven" system

The 2360 Series Aging System permits aging crystals and
clock oscillators at a user set temperature while the devices
are oscillating

• Up to 4000 devices simultaneously in a Model 2360 Oven
• Devices placed in aging boards
• Measurement cycles and rate of reading are set by the user
• Frequency change versus time can be plotted
• Aging temperature range: 50°C to 125°C
• System controlled by a P.C

• Fail Safe thermostat sensor for the chamber. The sensor
shuts down all power supplies to the aging boards if the
chamber fails or exceeds a user set temperature.
• Each aging board has AC cut crystals placed in 2 positions.
These crystals are used as quartz thermometers to measure
the change in aging temperature. The aging temperature can be logged as part of the data

Rectangular oven that has 8 slide out racks. Each slide
out rack holds 2 aging boards.

PRA Power Supply and Multiplexer. Provides power to the
aging boards and provides the interface between the control-
ling PC and all of the aging boards.
The PRA Power Supply Multiplexer provides a
clock and data signal to the aging board. The computer sends
a data string serially to the card to select the one oscillator position on the card to be read. This signal is sent via 50 ohm
coaxial cable to the Model 512 and then to the frequency
counter, NOT included

The system can accept several types of aging boards.
Any mixture of the board types is allowed. Each board is
powered by:
5 volt 7 Amp supply

The aging board is held in the slide out rack assembly.
When the aging board is plugged into the rack; the aging
board receives power, the computer control signal and
Device Aging Boards outputs the selected DUT signal

Item is built on Lab-Line 3487M1 Oven and requires 2 mains electrical connections

Dims 73cm (D) x 81cm (W) x 90cm (H)

Will be shipped with

•Ribbon Cable
•IEEE488 Cable
•RS232 and RS232-USB Cables
•Co-Ax Cable

Note Controlling PC and Software are not included with sale

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