Photon Control Optical Breadboard Table and Thor Legs


Optical Breadboard / Table made by Photon Control – 3250mm  x 1250mm

With THORLABS Isolation Legs
Photon Control Optical Breadboard / Table Top Hole -  Specification M6 holes -  25mm x 25mm grid


Thorlabs isolation Legs:

Product PTH502

Load capacity 2200Kg

Min Cap 550Kg

Air Supply 80PSI

Photon Control optical  breadboards / tables are extremely flat, rigid structures which are ideally  suited for laboratory and OEM applications. They provide an effectively damped working surface which can be isolated from the environment.

This Optical Table comes  complete with a air cushioned isolation legs 660mm high (excluding  height of board, so total height is 910mm)

Optical tables and  breadboards effectively dampen working surfaces with superior flatness. They  are used in the precision mounting of optical components. Optical tables and breadboards are flat and rigid structures suited for aligning and testing  sub-assemblies. An optical table and breadboard can also be used for incorporating  in OEM system. Breadboard tables are widely used in laboratories.

Optical tables and  breadboards are designed and manufactured to meet most industry specifications.

Optical Table / Breadboard Uses:

Optical tables and  breadboards are used in many applications. Examples include holography, missile  guidance, laser beam system, and biological detection. In addition, optical  tables and breadboards are widely used in research applications.


Photon Control Optical Breadboard / Table Top Size

Length 3250mm
Width 1250mm
Depth 310mm

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