Pharmacia Biotech RediFrac Fraction Collector


Pharmacia Biotech RediFrac Fraction Collector

The fraction collector, RediFrac, Code No. 18-1003-64, is a versatile
instrument for simple, straightforward fraction collection. In its standard
form it will collect up to 95 fractions in 10-18 mm diameter tubes. It will
also collect up to 175 fractions in 12 mm tubes and up to 45 fractions in
28 mm diameter vials, with the help of simple accessories.
Fractions may be collected in different ways, based either on time or drop
counting, controlled via simple programs specified by the operator. For
example, you can choose to collect uniform fractions of a
fixed time period.
The RediFrac will collect fractions until all the tubes are used and then
switch itself off. Alternatively, fractions may be collected by specifying the
number of drops per tube. Safe collection is ensured by using drop
synchronisation combined with the unique tube sensor which means the
instrument cannot collect into empty positions in the tube rack.
The RediFrac is designed primarily as a stand-alone instrument but can also
work with other equipment from GE Healthcare, including
Peristaltic Pump P-1, and chart recorders to form simple, integrated
chromatographic systems adapted to your individual requirements.

Serial# 01042418

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