PH Meter M240, Corning


PH Meter, Corning M240

Product Description:

This Corning M240 pH meter has a four digit LED display,

Range:0-14pH +/-0.01pH; 0 TO +/-1999MV +/-1MV; 0-100C +/-0.5C.

Sealed keypad. Recorder output. 4 key simplicity for ease of use. Fully automatic processor controlled. Choose from pH, mV or deg C. Automatic buffer recognition (7 and 4 or 7 & 10). Assumes temp of 25C unless an ATC (Automatic Temp Compensation) probe is used (not included). Automatic endpoint sensing. Stabilized readings and improved resolution for use in production control and labs. Rear panel accepts ATC, reference & BNC connectors.

There is a probe included, however the quality of the probe is unknown so it comes free of charge. Type FB68793

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