Pfeiffer PKR251 Compact Full Range Vacuum Guage


NEW Pfeiffer Compact FullRange Gauge PKR 251

Active Pirani Cold Cathode Transmitter KF25 Inlet Flange

(Pfeiffer Part Number PTR2600)

Pfeiffer PKR 251 Compact FullRange™ Pirani/Cold Cathode Gauges provide measurable vacuum pressure in the range 100 to 5x10-9 Torr. The vacuum pressure can be displayed via a DCU or TCP 350 turbopump controller or via the TPG 261, 262, or 256 Active Gauge controllers. They have a DN 25 ISO-KF 25 connection flange. If integrated into an OEM system they requires 15 to 30 VDC power input and produce a linear 0-10 VDC analog output signal. They include overrange, underrange, sensor ID, and sensor error indication. PKR251 compact full range gauges are FPM sealed and are qualified for a high 150°C bakeout temperature.

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