PerkinElmer Series 200 LC Autosampler

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PerkinElmer Series 200 LC Autosampler
The PerkinElmer Series 200 LC Autosampler is an advanced sample processor that can be used with virtually every liquid chromatography system or application
Upgradable to biocompatible versions for maximum flexibility.
Small, compact design (12.5 inches (31.8 cm) wide) saves valuable bench space.
Directory of up to 20 methods.
Ability to link up to 10 methods together in a sequence.
Large backlit liquid crystal display allows clear viewing of autosampler method and operating parameters at all times.
Tactile keyboard with unique “key click” so that you know your entry has been made.
Phone type contact closure connections and finger tight plumbing fittings make it simple to connect or disconnect your system.
Dual Syringe System
The Perkin Elmer 200 Series Autosampler injects at rates of up to two to three injections per minute, supplying high throughput and high speed. Users can achieve maximum precision from microbore to semi-prep injections using fixed or variable-fill modes. The Perkin Elmer 200 Series Autosampler also comes standard with precolumn dilution and derivatization.
Injection range   Programmable from 0.1-1.0 µL at 0.1 µL increments, 1 µL to 2.5 mL at 1 µL increments
Replicate injections   1 - 99 from one vial
Precision   Typically < 0.5% RSD of peak areas from 3 µL
Linearity   >0.999
Minimum sample volume   1 µL in 7 µL
Sample syringe sizes   50, 100, 250, 1000, 2500 µL
Carryover   <0.002 %
Flush cycles   User selectable, 1-9
Flush volume   0 - 2500 µL
Sample capacity   100 vial tray
Method parameters   Injection volume, sample draw speed, flush volume, flush cycle, 2 external contacts, start and stop time
Methods   Battery-backed storage of up to 20 methods including time programming. Editing of stored methods possible during runs
Injection cycle time   2-3 samples per minute
Display   7-line by 40-character backlit liquid crystal display
Part# N2930100
Serial# 293N0040405
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Dimensions Height: 400 mm Width: 318 mm Depth: 483 mm
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