Perkin Elmer Atomic Absorbtion Spectrometer 1100

Perkin Elmer Atomic Absorbtion Spectrometer 1100

Model 1100

Serial Number 3021

 The PE Model 1100B is a microcomputer-controlled atomic absorption/emission spectrometer with an integrated CRT screen. The Spectrophotometer features a single-beam, all-reflecting optical system with a wide-range UV transmitting detector.

Single beam spectrometer with modulated ‘AC’ system
Primary source radiation is modulated while radiation emitted by the atomizer is unmodulated
Wide-range photomultiplier with UV transmitting window
Five modes of instrument operation, controlled by keyboard
Automatic zero calibration
Scan speeds of 0.5; 1.0; 5.0; 10.0 and 20.0 nm/min


Physically in nice condition

Runs through Self Initialisation Test

Dims:  81 (D) x 120(W) x 56(H)


240V 50 Hz

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