Panasonic MCO-230AICUV-PE


Panasonic MCO-230AICUV-PE

230 Litre capacity
Temperature range +5℃ above ambient to 50℃

We have 2 available which can be stacked as per image

Enhance the production of your cell culture experiments with Panasonic’s large capacity CO2 incubator. Ideal for high throughput culturing or protocols that may require the use of an experimental apparatus.

InCu-saFe® and SafeCell UV functions together to prevent contamination. The patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket system works with the IR2 sensor to regulate temperature and CO2 levels, respectively.

Panasonic’s high-speed decontamination system uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide and UV light to safely clean the chamber in less than three hours, whileproviding 100% kill rate with at least a 6 log reduction of major contaminants.

The LCD touch panel delivers full control over protocols even with gloved hands. Integrated shelf channels make cleaning easy within a large interior and allow more capacity for cell culture containers and apparatuses.

Improved insulation performance and lower running costs
PID Control of CO2 and temperature
Dual IR CO2 sensor
Optimum protection for your cell culturers
More space for more cultures
PHCbi’s H2O2 vapour sterilisation cycle reduces downtime to less than 3 hours for complete, validatable decontamination for increased productivity.

DHA Direct heat and air jacket system
Dual IR CO2 sensor
InCu saFe® copper-enriched stainless steel interior
Safe Cell UV® with NEW increased UV lamp life
Optional electric door lock (Standard in the MCO-230AICUVH)
Integrated shelf supports
Full colour LCD touch screen
USB port

External Dimensions (W x D x H)1) inches | mm 30.3 x 28.7 x 35.6 | 770 x 730 x 905
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) inches | mm 25.3 x 20.6 x 27.6 | 643 x 523 x 700

Display LCD Touch Screen

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Serial# 17010002

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