Pair of Eppendorf New Brunswick Galaxy 170R CO2 Incubators with frames and casters

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Pair of Eppendorff New Brunswick Galaxy 170R CO2 Incubator with frame and casters

The Galaxy 170 R CO2 Incubator is microprocessor-controlled and designed to ensure accurate and
reliable operation. The incubator incorporates a sophisticated control system that allows for easy programming, control and monitoring of the chamber conditions.

At the heart of every Eppendorf CO2 Incubator is its six-sided direct-heating profile. Unlike traditional forced air culture systems, this design protects against wide fluctuations in temperature and CO2 that stress cells. No fan is required, which eliminates a classic source of contamination, disturbing vibrations, and costly HEPA filters.A direct heating system, utilizing a thermal heating element, completely surrounds the incubator, providing an even temperature within the chamber. The independently and directly heated outer door is designed to ensure an even distribution of heat. This system ensures a rapid, controlled return to optimum chamber
conditions after a door opening while also preventing any overshoot. The incubator’s direct heat system
provides for optimal use of laboratory space by allowing the most efficient internal volume for the footprint
of the instrument.

A solid-state infrared sensor is used to control the level of CO2, providing excellent reliability, while
remaining unaffected by humidity. The CO2 system has a programmable automatic zero system (Auto-zero)
to re-reference the sensor baseline to atmospheric CO2 levels at regular intervals. A small pump supplies
filtered atmospheric gas to the sensor. The chamber atmosphere within the sensor is completely displaced,
allowing the control system to automatically reference the sensor, after which the pump is switched off,
allowing the chamber atmosphere to homogenize back into the sensor. This provides for accurate CO2
control without disturbing the chamber environment.

A controlled water tray at the bottom of the incubator allows a high, uniform relative humidity (RH) while
preventing condensation in other parts of the chamber

The 170-liter chamber is seamless, to provide a sanitary and easy-to-clean environment, and all internal
components are manufactured from polished stainless steel. The shelves (which are non-tip), shelf racks
and humidity tray are easily removed without tools for thorough cleaning and are capable of being
sterilized. Air circulation is achieved without the use of a fan, eliminating duct work (a potential source of
contamination), simplifying cleaning, eliminating vibration, and facilitating use of microplates and
low-volume culture.

The Galaxy 170 R contains many standard features usually seen as options. It has a sealed inner glass
door with a cam action lock to allow viewing of the cultures without compromising the internal atmosphere. In addition, there is a 25 mm (1 in) access port now standard to allow for seamless integration of independent probes or other equipment through the chamber.

Dimensions, W x D x H
Internal (cm) 53.3 x 44.4 x 69.1
External (cm) 68.6 x 67.8 x 84.3

Temperature range Ambient + 4 – 50 °C
Temperature uniformity ± 0.3 °C
Temperature control ± 0.1 °C
Temp. stability at 37 °C ± 0.1 °C
CO2 range 0.2 – 20 % 0
CO2 uniformity ± 0.1 %
CO2 control ± 0.1 %
CO2 stability at 5 % CO2 ± 0.2 %


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As per images, this pair of incubators is complete with Lower stacking frame with casters and stacking frame for 2nd incubator

The listed price is for the two incubators

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