Olympus IMT-2 Inverted Microscope

Olympus IMT-2 Inverted Microscope
Exceptional versatility and convenience are the hallmarks of the Olympus IMT-2 unique design.

Switchover among five different observation methods is fast and simple, and a fixed stage system, in which specimen focus is achieved by moving the objective, assures excellent stability and enhanced reliability during time-lapse photography and micro-manipulation. With such features, the IMT-2 is the ideal instrument for advanced research in the fields of biotechnology and medicine.
The unique multi-tube system of the IMT-2 prevents mounted photographic equipment from interfering with observation and manipulation. Photomicrographic equipment, a TV camera or a 16mm cine camera, maybe attached to the side of the microscope body rather than on top of it. This instrument is supplied with a CoolSnap camera as per the immages. Free software is available to download and the instrument is fitted with a U-PMTVC Photo tube.
An OM Series SLR camera can also be mounted independentl yof the multi-tubesystem.To provide maximum versatility, the multi-tube system features a three-step light path selector allowing the observer to direct the distribution of light to the front-mounted SLR camera, the multi-tubesystem or the observation tube. For added convenience, a built-in photo frame mask is automatically engaged when the light path selector is switched to its SLR camera or multi-tube setting. We have the original OM2SP for this microscope however it does appear to have a shutter issue and would need repair by a camera specialist if the purchaser has a need for 35mm film use.
Built-In Intermediate Magnification Equipment
The IMT-2provides a 1X and 1.5X intermediate magnification changer for convenience in framing for photomicrography. A centering telescope (Cl) is also built-in to greatly facilitate phase ring alignment.
Swing-Out Condenser
The condenser swings up and out of the way, simplifying the replacement and manipulation of specimens on the stage. The condenser may also be rotated away from the stage to accommodate extra large objects, e.g. flasks.
Nomarski Differential Interference Contrast Attachment
In addition to lOX, 20X and 40X Nomarski prisms, the multifaceted IMT2-LWDNC condenser features ring slits for 1OX and 40x phase contrast objectives. Brightfield observation may also be performed with an aperture diaphragm in place.
BH2-BI45 45° Binocular Tube with WHK 10x20L Eyepieces
IMT2-SVR Cross Movement Stage
6 Objectives
S Plan 4x
Splan 10x
LWD CD Plan 20x
LWD CD Plan 40x
Narishige Manipulators
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