Olympus FV10i-LIV Laser Scanning Microscope Fluoview FV10i


Olympus FV10i-LIV Laser Scanning Microscope Fluoview FV10i

All-in-one Confocal laser Scanning Microscope
Including Computer, software and manuals.

New in 2014, in 'as new' condition (£75,000 when new)

The unique FLUOVIEW FV10i-LIV is a fully automated confocal laser-scanning microscope.
The completely re-engineered design of this microscope, integrated into a self-contained package with a variety of functions,
enables even inexperienced and first-time users to perform easily and efficient high-quality confocal imaging.
Olympus has made no compromises in ergonomics and image quality, using high-quality optical components and smart and easy software.


The FV10i features a unique self-contained design.
Simplified and optimized, key components, including an incubator and laser combiner, have been integrated into a self-contained package with no compromises.
The system, which is easier to set up and use, features the same functionality as a high-end confocal laser scanning microscope while adding vibration isolation and a light tight cover.
As a result, the FV10i can be operated by new and experienced users alike and, with a compact footprint, can be installed in any laboratory without the need for a dedicated dark room.

  • High-definition Images using Advanced Optics
  • Built-in Incubator Ideal for Time-lapse Imaging
  • Stress-free Operation for Every User
  • Only two manual steps are required of the user: placing of the specimen on the stage and closing the cover. After that, the sophisticated user interface offers clear and efficient operation of the microscope.
  • Capture a Map Image Easily for Navigation
  • When the Specimen Has Been Loaded, Clicking Begins the Mapping Process
  • Easy Guided Operation for First-time Users
  • Sophisticated Menus Allow Easy Navigation of Imaging Area
  • Dedicated Analysis Software Exclusive to FLUOVIEW
  • Feature-rich Functionality for Stress-free Imaging

Model: FV10C-O

Power: 240V

Serial: 9D08770

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