Olympus BX41TF Microscope


Olympus BX41TF Microscope

Ergonomic Design for Efficiency and Comfort

Y-shaped frame brings all adjustable features toward the user for easy access to controls, while also providing superb stability
Transmitted light frame with low-positioned coarse/fine focus, coarse focus tension adjustment, Köhler illumination, detachable nosepiece and light intensity dial in front
New, precise motion, rackless design, Ceramic-coated coaxial stage with left or right hand low drive control; with rotating mechanism and torque adjustment mechanism
At 204mm, the height of the stage above the desk surface is designed for increased working comfort. A unique new dual pulley system has been introduced to govern stage movement. Replacing the previous rack & pinion system, it saves space around the stage. The specimen positioning can be optimized not only by X-Y movement but also by rotation of the stage by up to 250 degrees — a valuable feature for photographic, digital or video documentation

Flexible System Format:

Modular design allows for easy attachment of accessories without image compromise; accepts a variety of video attachments, film cameras, and the BX-URA2 and BX-RFA incident light fluorescence illuminators
The BX41 accepts all UIS2 optics, delivering bright, sharp and high-contrast images
A 6V/30W halogen illumination with photo-preset button for bright images and convenient photo documentation

  • Supplied with 2 condensers
    U-AC2 Abbe (N.A. 1.1), 4×—100×
    U-DCW Darkfield oil (N.A. 1.20-1.40), 10×—100×

4 objective lenses

  • EF 10x/0.25
    Ach 10x/0.25
    Ach 40x/0.65
    Ach 100x/1.25 Oil

U-SDO3 Side by side observation attachment For specimen reviewed by two observers sitting side by side fitted with U-TBI-3 tilting binocular tube and U-EPA2 eyepoint adjuster

Oil rectangular stage (U-SVRO) designed with grooves that prevent the adhesion of slides due to the occasional spill of immersion oil or mounting medium

Serial# 1G13342

Power Supply: 100 to 240V, 50/60HZ

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