Olympus BX40 F4 System Microscope


Olympus BX40 F4 System Microscope

The BX40 was developed for routing clinical procedures and offers the advantages of a high cost performance model. It delivers superb operational efficiency and boasts a design that reduces fatigue during prolonged periods.

Y-shaped ergonomic design lessens strain on arms and wrists to reduce fatigue during prolonged onservation
Operator can maintain natural observation posture since all electrical controls are located on right wing of stand.


Switchable 220-240/110-120V

This item is equipped as follows

4 x Objective Lens

  •   5 x S Plan
  •  10 x Mplan
  •  20 x Mplan
  •  50 x Mplan

Fitted with extensive accessory list as follows

U-RLA Refected Light Vertical Illuminator
U-LH100L Halogen Lamp housing
U-TR30 Widefield Trinocular Observation Tube
U-TV1X Video Camera Port
U-CMAD2 Video camera Mount Adapter
JVC KY55BE Camera

Manual Included

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