NSZ810 Stereo Zoom Microscope

NSZ810 Stereo Zoom Microscope
The NSZ 800 Series Stereomicroscopes provides unrivalled optical performance in their price range. The infinity parallel optical system provides excellent quality upright 3D images from all types of specimens
The stereomicroscope head is equipped with a photomicrography side port and an iris diaphragm with a pull lever to deflect light to the camera system when needed. The BST has a substantial support stand with a thin base which is made possible by the ultra thin LED illumination system. The base has both incident and transmitted LED lighting that is rheostat controlled and can be used independently or together as needed, and the angle of the incident unit can be varied to suit the subject matter.
The support column is 340mm in length and has a rack and pinion focus system throughout its length and has both coarse and fine movement controls. The stereohead can be fixed in two positions on the support column using an allen key adjustment to suit both small and larger specimens. In each position the focusing range is 105mm and the working distance in either position is 78mm with the x1 objective
Eyepieces x15 Wide field exit diameter 16mm
Serial No: 120272
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