Nova Biomedical Stat Profile® pHOx® Plus Blood Gas/Critical Care Analyzer


Nova Biomedical Stat Profile® pHOx® Plus Blood Gas/Critical Care Analyzer

Using a unique combination of advanced optical and electrode technology, the Stat Profile
pHOx series analyzers offer essential blood gas and critical care test menus in the
smallest analyzers currently available. The three test Stat Profile pHOx Basic offers the
standard blood gas profile of pH, PCO2 and PO2. The six test Stat Profile pHOx menu adds
measured hematocrit, hemoglobin and oxygen saturation to provide a complete picture of
lung function and oxygen status. Stat Profile pHOx Plus adds glucose, sodium, potassium, and a choice of chloride or ionized calcium, resulting in an ideal critical care menu in a small, space-saving instrument.

Small Size – Big Output

Stat Profile pHOx analyzers measure only 12" wide x 12" deep x 15" high, and are light
enough for easy transport on a compact cart. But don’t let their small size fool you.
Stat Profile pHOx analyzers carry enough on-board reagents to perform 7500 tests and
contain a full month’s supply of controls.

All Liquid Calibration System

A new, liquid only calibration system eliminates bulky gas tanks, gas regulators, gas
tubing lines, and humidifiers. A single reagent pack contains all calibrators. This
integrated gas and reagent package system replaces up to five individual reagent bottles
and two gas tanks with a simple, snap-in reagent package. The single reagent pack also
eliminates the need to maintain logs and run both calibration and QC procedures each time
one of the bottles or tanks needs to be replaced.

On-Board, Automated Cartridge QC

Nova’s auto-cartridge QC is a totally automated quality control system contained within a
single on-board control cartridge. This unique system combines multiple levels of true
controls and dedicated software allowing any level of quality control to be run at any
time — either on a pre-programmed schedule or on demand. This system dramatically lowers
costs by reducing the time and labor required to manually perform quality control.

Small Sample Volume

Blood conservation is an important initiative in every critical care department,
especially the NICU. Stat Profile pHOx analyzer sample volumes are among the smallest in
the industry.

This example starts correctly, screen populates and responds to all keypad inputs.

We cannot however undertake any full testing or calibration hence the low price indicated

PDF Operating and Service manuals available for Stat Profile pHOx

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