Nikon YS100 Microscope


Nikon YS100 Microscope

Serial: 512500

x4, x10, x14, x100 OIL.

From Nikon:


Thanks to Nikon's overall optical design, coupled with industry-acclaimed chromatic aberration- free optics, the YS100 produces image that are needle-sharp and of high contrast, including the

periphery of the viewing field. In addition, the prism-type eyepiece tube and high-output 6V 20W halogen light source provide bright image.
Nikon's legendary optics, rigid design, plus easy operation image
A: Prism-type binocular eyepiece tube with advanced compensation feature that corrects the diopter in both the right and left eyepiece lenses.

B: An internal click-stop mechanism makes rotation smooth, while increasing durability.

C: The condenser comes with an aperture diaphragm with position guide markings for the 4, 10, 40 and 100X objectives to make operations quick and easy.

D: The double-plate mechanical stage provides ample space on the stage to facilitate easy specimen handling.

E: The focus knob and the stage handle are situated at an optimum position, allowing for a natural operator posture without twisting the shoulders.

F: Powerful 6V-20W halogen light source is used. Lamp exchange can be made easily.
Anti-mold design
Thanks to Nikon's anti-mold paint and tablets, mold is no longer a problem. In laboratory tests,

mold did not form for up to five years, even at a 30°C temperature and 80% humidity.

240V 50Hz

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