Nikon Eclipse LV100D Industrial Microscope

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Nikon Eclipse LV100D Industrial Microscope
The modular design of the Eclipse LV series allows an unprecedented level of versatility.
The Eclipse LV series offers flexibility that enables it to cover a wide variety of products and applications, extending from development and quality control to inspection in the manufacturing process. Users will recognize the superb performance of the Eclipse LV series when inspecting semiconductors, FPD, packages, electronics substrates, materials (material science), medical devices, cast/metallic/ceramic parts, precision molds, MEMS, telecommunications devices, and a wide variety of other samples.
This model is fitted with the following
The LV-UEPI Episcopic illuminator enables brightfield, darkfield, DIC, simple polarizing, and UV excitation epi-fluorescence observations. 12V-50W high-intensity halogen lamp; Field (centerable) and aperture diaphragms synchronized with B/D changeover; ø25mm filter (NCB11, ND16, ND4) insertable; Polarizer/analyzer insertable
LV-TI3 Trinocular Eyepiece Tube with Y-TV55 C-mount Camera Adapter (0.55x) & CFI 10 x 22 (30mm sleeve diameter) eyepieces
C-N6 Sextuple nosepiece
Four CFI60 Objectives
 LU Plan Fluor EPI 5X
 LU Plan Fluor EPI 10X
 LU Plan 20X
 LU Plan ELWD 50X (Brightfield/Darkfield)
LV-S64 6x4 Stage
A heating cooling stage is also included as per image
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