NICO 2000, Elit 2 channel Ion Analyser

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NICO 2000, Elit 9801 2 channel Ion Analyser

ion-Selective Electrode Measuring


Elit 9801 and power supply

ISE/pH Ion-Analyser Software. Version 6.4.21-sa

Elit 201 Dual Electrode head with BNC Connector

Electrode 8081 Barium x 2
Electrode 8041 Calcium
Electrode 8211 Silver
Electrode Single junction reference
Electrode Double Junction Reference

ElIT 8701 Temp Sensor Probe

Operating instructions.

Connect sensor electrodes directly to a lap-top or desk-top PC instead of a conventional ion/pH meter, giving more sophisticated data acquisition, processing and display and eliminating operator error in data transfer.
Flow-Through Measurement Cells give maximum precision, efficiency and convenience - particularly for continuous monitoring in dirty, industrial environments and in-situ field measurements.
Software available for any generation of Windows-based PC - including Win 10.


Water Quality Analysis (eg: polutant or nutrient levels) in: surface and ground waters; sewage; industrial effluent; fish ponds; aquaculture. Indicator ions in drilling fluids.

Food and Drink Quality Control, Bio-reactors and Fermentors.

Ideal for routine analysis or research applications (eg: rates of reaction or reagent uptake) in Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Medicine, Hydrogeology, etc.

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