Newport SA Series Breadboard


Newport SA Series Breadboard

SA Series Solid Aluminum Plates answer the demand for an ultra low cost, yet highly durable, breadboard that can be used in a complete range of non-critical applications

Nothing beats the SA Series Solid Aluminum Plate for its combination of durability, quality workmanship and affordability.
These thick, solid aluminum plates are perfect for all kinds of non-critical applications where higher performance and more expensive breadboards are simply not necessary.

SA-11 (M-SA-11)
Size (mm) (300) x (300)

Mounting Holes (M6-1.0 holes on 25 mm grid),
Weight [lb/ft2 (kg/m2)] 7 (34)
Surface Flatness [in. (mm)] ±0.062 (±1.57), over 2 ft (600 mm)
Thickness [in. (mm)] 0.5 (13)

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