Newport RS4000 Series Optical Table & Set of 4 Rigid Optical Table Supports


Newport RS4000 Series Optical Table & Set of 4 Rigid Optical Table Supports

900 x 3000 x 305 mm, Metric M6 Holes

The M-RS4000-310-12 Research Grade Optical Table features unmatched vibration immunity. The M-RS4000 Series
combines Newport’s uniquely rigid trussed honeycomb core with our highest level of tuned damping. This 305 mm
thick optical table has a 900 mm width, a 3000 mm length, and Metric M6 holes on a 25 mm grid. Its supreme
stability has meant the difference between success and failure in countless leading edge applications. Originally
designed for high end interferometric research, the M-RS4000 is the best choice for extremely sensitive
measurements requiring the utmost in vibration control.

Model     M-RS4000-310-12
Length    3000 mm
Width    900 mm
Thickness    12 in. ( 305 mm)
Mounting Hole Pattern    25 mm grid
Mounting Hole Type    M6-1.0
Borders around Mounting Holes    12.5 mm ( M6-1.0)
Broadband Damping    Constrained layer core, damped working surface and composite edge finish
Core Design    Trussed Honeycomb, Vertically Bonded Closed Cell Construction, 0.010 in. Steel sheet materials,
0.030 in. triple core interface
Working Surface    400 series ferromagnetic stainless steel
Top and Bottom Skins    3/16 in. (4.8 mm) thick with integrated damping layer
Surface Flatness    ±0.004 in. (± 0.1 mm), over 2 ft. (600 mm) square
Deflection Under Load    <5.0 x 10-5 in. ( <1.3 x 10-3 mm)
Maximum Relative Motion Value    <3.0 x 10-9 in. ( <7.6 x 10-8 mm)
Maximum Dynamic Deflection Coefficient    0.4 x 10-3
Hole/Core Sealing    Easy clean conical cup 0.75 in. (19 mm) deep, Non-corrosive high impact polymer material
Weight    480 kg

Set of 4 Rigid Optical Table Supports, 22 in. Height, 8,000 lb Load

The RL-2000-422 Non-Isolating LabLegs™ Set offers rigid support where vibration isolation is not required. The
set includes (4) 22 inch rigid legs with a 8000 lb total capacity. Unlike cross member support systems, the
freestanding design does not amplify low frequency floor vibrations. The height adjustable RL Series is an
excellent choice for off table target pointing applications.

Model     RL-2000-422
Height, Isolator    22 in. ( 559 mm)
Load per Isolator    2000 lb ( 900 kg)
Number of Isolators    4

Note the slight damage to the table as per close ups, one corner edging piece missing and some scratching to
base. These will in no way interfere with use of the table.

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