New Brunswick U570 Premium ULT Freezer

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New Brunswick U570 Premium ULT Freezer

Uncompromising quality From initial product design to final delivery, the New Brunswick line of freezers meets the highest standards for quality. No other freezers offer the same combination of high performance, sample security, and convenience. Attention to every detail in manufacturing and the use of only the best components ensure consistent, reliable performance year after year.

Eco-friendly and highest energy efficiency New Brunswick freezers are among the most energy efficient ULT freezers on the market. Long-standing leaders in energy efficiency, Innova® and Premium freezers feature an ultra-efficient compressor system that reduces energy consumption by up to 43 % when compared to competitive models.

New Brunswick freezers provide outstanding insulation and temperature uniformity, plus many additional high performance features:
 > Heavy-duty, commercially-available compressor provides rapid temperature “pull down” and recovery after door opening
 > Multiple compartments (upright models) with insulated inner doors limit cold air loss during sample access
 > Flexible, high-quality gaskets on inner and outer doors ensure a proper seal; reduces icing, prevents cold air loss
 > Unique automatic reset protects the microprocessor controller from damage by electrical spikes

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient
Ultra-low temperature freezers are traditionally high energy consumers as they maintain extremely low temperatures 24/7. With today's high energy costs and focus on the environment, energy conservation has become even more important in the lab. Eco-friendly New Brunswick ULT freezers are designed to help you save energy by minimizing cold air loss and by providing these added advanced features:
 > A highly efficient compressor control system reduces cycling times to lower energy consumption and increase freezer longevity
 > Environmentally safe, HCFC-free* and CFC-free refrigerants minimize greenhouse gases
 > Biodegradable and commercially-available, highperformance, synthetic compressor lubricants prevent “oil-logging”
 > A single, quiet, condenser fan reduces energy consumption; most freezers require two
 > Built with 95 - 98 % recyclable materials (by weight)
 > Meet WEEE directives for disposal

Premium Upright Model U570-86G

570 Liters
Holds up to 40,000 samples
External dimensions (H x W x D): 192.5 x 102.5 x 85.2 cm

Serial number 1015-0041-1008
Part number U9270-0005

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