Molecular Devices GenePix 4300A Microarray Scanner

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Molecular Devices GenePix 4300A Microarray Scanner

The GenePix 4300A scanner offers high resolution, high-quality imaging with 3-laser excitation. Configurations include 5 µm per-pixel maximum scanning resolution, choices of up to four lasers for excitation, and sixteen emission-wavelength filters.

Unparalleled signal-to-noise performance
With integrated hardware and software
Non-confocal optical design

Provides a powerful, flexible and easy to use solution for the acquisition and analysis of data from all types of arrays, including nucleic acids, proteins, tissues, and cells.

The non-confocal optics of the 4300A and 4400A scanners are designed specifically for microarray imaging. Confocal technology was originally developed for imaging thin sections of a thick sample for subsequent 3-D reconstruction as with tissue samples.

Performance Specifications
Sample type: Standard microscope slides (1" x 3" or 25 x 75 mm)
Scan area: Adjustable, 22 x 72 mm max.
Excitation: Up to 4 lasers (all internal); 488 nm, 532 nm, 594 nm, 635 nm
Laser settings: User-selectable, from 5–100% (1% increments)
Emission filters: 16-position user-accessible filter wheel
Detection: 1 photomultiplier (PMT), automatic and manual gain adjustment settings
Focus offset: Adjustable between -50 and +200 µm (1 µm increments)
Optics: Non-confocal
Scanning method: Sequential
Scan time: 4 minutes per channel, 10 µm resolution, full scan area
Pixel resolution: 4300A—Adjustable from 5–100 µm
Image digitization: 16-bit
Dynamic range: Four orders of magnitude at SNR > 3
Image type: Single- or multi-image TIFF
Barcode reading: Integrated hardware barcode reader; all common 1D and 2D barcodes

External dimensions (H x W x D):

Serial numbers 141053

Manufactured 2012

100-240 V

Together with Genepix Pro 7 software and Dell PC

Complete with Prior Scientific automated slide loader

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