Molecular Devices EMax Microplate Reader

Molecular Devices EMax Microplate Reader
The EMax microplate reader provides both single and dual wavelength endpoint reading over the range 405 - 750 nm using interference filters. With a measurement range to 4.0 OD, resolution to 0.001 OD and linearity to 3.0 OD, EMax plate readers provide the accuracy for even the most demanding ELISA endpoint assays.

High throughput of up to six plates a minute using five-second read time with SPEED READ option.
Single- or dual-wavelength measurements. As many blank wells as required, anywhere on the microplate.
Applications for the EMax microplate reader include endpoint ELISA, total protein assays, platelet aggregation studies, endpoint
LAL endotoxin assays, cytokine determination and quantitation of cytoproliferation by MTT reduction or by staining with crystal violet.Onboard microprocessor. Integrated instrument control and data analysis.
Serial# E9311
DIMS 34cm (D) x 45cm (W) x 19cm (H)
Note some rust on "outer" casing of centronix (Printer) connection


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