MJ Research DNA Engine Opticon 2 CFD-3220 Continuous Fluorescence Detector


MJ Research DNA Engine Opticon 2 CFD-3220 Continuous Fluorescence Detector

The MJ Research Opticon is a powerfule Real-time detection tool that
simplifies DNA quantification, genotyping and many other applications.
The BioRad Opticon2 real-time fluorescence detection system features
an innovative optical design and a built-in DNA Engine thermal cycler
for extraordinary real-time performance. The Opticon 2  system
produces reliable, high-resolution results.

The Opticon 2 real-time detector employs an array of 96 blue light-
emitting diodes to excite fluorescent dyes. LEDs provide a long-lived,
maintenance-free excitation source for years of uninterrupted
performance. Emitted fluorescence is then detected by a
photomultiplier tube that not only detects, but also amplifies the
fluorescence signal. A built-in bandpass-filter detection system
separates the specific signal from the background, thereby increasing
the signal-to-noise ratio. This detection strategy delivers
exceptional sensitivity, resulting in the ability to detect as little
as one initial template copy, and to accurately quantify initial
template over a broad dynamic range. This reduces the need for time-
consuming dilutions, even with samples of unknown or widely varying
concentration. The Opticon detector's sensitivity also allows a
reduction in theconsumption of costly reagents without sacrificing
data quality.

Fluorescence Excitation Range     470 - 505nm
Fluorescence Detection Range     Ch1: 523 - 543nm; Ch2: 540 - 700nm
Linear Dynamic Range of Starting Copy Number     up to ten orders of
Detection Limit of Template Starting Copy Number     Down to single
copy detection
Sample Volume Range     10-100µl (20µl recommended)
Sample Capacity     96-well microplate, or 12 x 0.2ml 8-strip
Thermal Uniformity     ±0.4°CV within 30 seconds of arrival at 90°C
Thermal Accuracy     Average temp within ±0.3°C of programmed value
at 90°C NIST traceable
Speed of Ramping     Up to 3°C per second
Thermal Range     4° C to 105°C
Gradient Performance     
Temperature Gradient Accuracy     ±0.3°C of target at end columns within
30 seconds of arrival at programmed target, NIST traceable
Thermal Column Uniformity     ±0.4°C, in column, well-to-well,
within 30 seconds of target attainment
Accuracy of Calculated (displayed) Well Temperature     ± 0.4°C of
actual column temperature, NIST traceable
Lowest Temp for Gradient     30°C
Highest Temp for Gradient     105°C
Temperature Differential Range     1.0°C to 24.0°C
Power     100-240 Volt AC, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions     34cm (w) x 47cm (d) x 60cm (h)
Weight     29kg

PDF Manual included

PC and Software not included. Software available to download at

Unit powers up and appears operative but has not been tested

We believe it is fully operative however as we cannot guarantee this, we are pricing for sale at a spares or repair price

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