Mitsubishi CA-100 Coulometric Moisture Meter

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Mitsubishi CA-100 Coulometric Moisture Meter

Karl Fisher coulometric moisture titrator

CA-100 performs moisture determination on liquid, solid and gasous samples. With the CA-100 model, up to two coulometric and / or volumetric titration cells can be installed and run simultaneously; as a result, the user gains cost effectiveness and flexibility while still maintaining optimal performance. Both channels on the CA-100 have connections for a stirrer, VA, Balance, and Buret via the rear of the unit. The CA-100 features bright display screen for accurate data transcription, as well as an operation keyboard with specifically labeled operation buttons.

CH2 Stirrer, Probes, glassware as per images included

Electrolysis Current Max 400mA

Measuring range 10ug - 100mg H2O

Serial# BOM 08390

100/120/220/240 V 50/60 Hz

Some staining on case hence price

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