Millipore Milli-Q Academic water purifier With Dispenser


Millipore Milli-Q Academic Water Purifier



Product water TOC, ppb: <10
Product water resistivity: >18.2
Feed water nature: Elix water, RO water, Deionized (DI), Distilled water
Depth, cm: 31.5
Validation support: Full support
Operating weight(kg): 16
Height (cm): 45.7
Microogranisms, CFU/ml: <1
Flow rate, L/min: 1.5
Width (cm): 25.5
Cartridge Used: Q-Gard, Quantum, Millipak
Voltage: 120 V/60 Hz
Water Quality: Type 1
Product Use: Produces 18.2 MO·cm ultrapure water quality

Serial No: F2PN88379B

CAT No: ZMQP50001

Manufacturers Description

The Milli-Q Acedemic water purification system utilizes standard three-steps purification process- pretreatment, application specific polishing and final filtration - to produce Type 1, reagent - grade water for all  general laboratory applications.

The successful production of high-purity water depends on the careful integration of system design purification process and periodic maintenance for control of water quality parameter.

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