Micro-Vu Vertex 420 Precision Measuring System


Micro-Vu Vertex 420 Precision Measuring System

Part# C2410124

Measurement speed: 1600
Measurement accuracy: measuring 1600 points, the maximum tolerance for statistical repeatability 3um, the minimum tolerance 1um
Reverse engineering 4: 1 used for 3D measurement of surface area

Specifications: US MICRO Vu upto 200mm-1500mm size dimensions
Measuring range stroke: X300 x Y300 x Z150mm X300 x Y300 x Z150 mm
XY Axis accuracy: U2 = 2.6 + L / 1750µm, U2 = 2.6 + L / 1750 micron
Z Axis precision: U1 = 3.0 + L / 150µm, U1 = 3.0 + L / 150 micron
Resolution optical foot resolution: 0.4µm, display 0.1um 0.4 microns, 0.1 micron
Velocity display movement speed: 500mm / s 500 mm / sec
XY-Axis acceleration: 250mm / s2 250 mm / sec
Z Axis acceleration: 100mm / s2 100 mm / sec
2 Stage material: Granite optic / magnification
Optical lens / magnification range: 6.5: 1
Programmable zoom lens / 20x-250x 6.5: 20-250 times
Environmental requirements: 20 ± 2 ° C temperature
Humidity temperature: 20 ± 2 ° C
Humidity: 30-80%.

Applications of Micro-Vu systems
These coordinate measuring systems are used to measure a wide variety of materials parts and assemblies. Manufacturers can use these systems to measure medium and large parts, but the system will accept most part sizes.

The Micro-vu range is best used to inspect parts such as:
Machine parts
Injection moulds
Plastic parts
Printed circuit boards
PCB masks
Sheet metal

Fitted with Raycofixture acrylic plate (30 x 30 cm, M6 threaded holes on 12mm centres), 9 port manifold, clamping kit and components (small element of damage to acrylic plate as per image, looks like a previous user may have overtightened one fixture)

Complete with wheeled cabinet as per images

No PC or software, these will need to be sourced by purchaser

PDF Manual

Serial# VX42001201

DOM 8/2007

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