Mettler Toledo RS-P42 Printer

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Mettler Toledo RS-P42 Printer
The rugged RS-P42 allows detailed documentation of the results without sacrificing much bench space. The approximately 5 cm wide printouts can easily be included in a lab journal. The printer provides printouts of weighing results, regular adjustments and depending on the balance it also prints out individual configuration application results.
The connection to a balance or analytical instrument is accomplished via a standard RS232C interface. As a dot matrix printer, the RS-P42 meets all demands of modern quality assurance systems (GLP, GMP, ISO9001).
Specifications - RS-P42 Printer
Printing speed  Faster than 1 line per second
Paper type  Normal and adhesive paper, 58 x 51mm
Interfaces  RS232C with 9 Pin male connector
Printing unit  Dot-matrix, 24 characters/line
Features and Benefits
Avoiding transcription errors
Complete data records assured
Essential in quality assurance
Required by GLP/GMP/ISO
Analytical Instruments compatible 
General titrators DL50 Rondolino*, DL50 Graphix*, DL53*, DL55*, DL58* (*) RS option (51107172) needed
SevenMulti and SevenEasy pro meters
SevenGo pro meters
DA-100M density meter
Density and refractometry bench meters
Titrators DL12,21/25 and DL18/35
Serial# B446245524
DIMS 19cm (D) x 15cm (W) x 6cm (H)
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