Mettler Toledo Precision Balance XS802S TOP PAN 230V 50-60Hz 810g 0.01g


Mettler Toledo Precision Balance XS802S
 TOP PAN 230V 50-60Hz 810g 0.01g

Accurate Results Even Under Air-draft

The innovative SmartPan™ allows to weigh even under air drafts delivering 2x faster results and up to twice as good repeatability.

Ergonomic Operation

At 16 mm high, the large figures on the display are clear to read and eyes don't get tired. The optional ErgoStand provides outstanding user comfort.

Flexible Weighing Solutions

An extensive range of models offer solutions for every application. LabX laboratory software provide SOP user guidance on the balance display.

Excellence XS precision balances are designed for highest efficiency in everyday operation. They combine speed, reliability and ease of use in a way never achieved before.

Maximum Capacity                         810 g
Readability                                     0.01 g
Weighing Pan Dimensions (DxW)    170 mm x 205 mm
Legal for Trade                                 No
Linearity ±                                       0.02 g
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical)    8 g
Repeatability (Test Weight)                0.004 g (500 g)
Settling Time                                    1.2 s
Dimensions (DxHxW)                       366 mm x 96 mm x 194 mm
Weighing Bridge Dimensions (DxHxW)    96 mm x 257 mm x 194 mm
Resolution                                         0.01 g
Material Number(s)                           11130168
Trade Name                                      XS802S/A,XS802S/M

Serial Nos:
1127013556, 1127013557

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