Mettler Toledo M300 1-channel Multi-Parameter Transmitter

Mettler Toledo M300 1-channel Multi-Parameter Transmitter
M300 ISM 1-channel 1/2DIN
Multi-parameter transmitter for pure and ultrapure water analytics
The M300 multiparameter transmitter measures conductivity, resistivity, pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen and/or dissolved ozone. M300 ISM transmitters measures parameters using Intelligent Sensor Management® with Plug and Measure convenience and advanced sensor diagnostics. These sensors includs UniCond conductivity sensors with exceptional rangeability. With four display lines and four analog outputs, these transmitters can provide full capability on both analytical measurements and temperatures.
With its innovative USB port, the M300 is open to the future – for remote configuration, data logging or software upgrade.
Supplied with UniCond Conductivity Sensor 58 031 413
Pure and ultrapure water treatment for semiconductor rinsing, critical power/steam makeup and pharmaceutical waters.
Semiconductor processing in rinsers and wet benches with precise resistivity measurement and temperature compensation.
Power plant cycle chemistry and stator cooling monitoring with exceptionally accurate temperature compensation for
specific and cation conductivity and pH and very low maintenance dissolved oxygen measurement.
Pharmaceutical water monitoring to meet USP, EP, and JP conductivity requirements including built in tables of alarm limits.
Reclaim, recycle and wastewater treatment for the above industry applications for contaminant detection, diversion and neutralization.
Instrument is currently mounted in a custom built aluminium stand (40cm high) however is easily removed for an alternate installation
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