Melles Griot Breadboard 120 x 60 x 8 cm

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Melles Griot Breadboard 120 x 60 x 8 cm

Melles Griot ScienceDesk workstations are modular systems designed to provide an ergonomic alternative to conventional workstations. They meet the demands of modern production and clean room environments for telecommunications, biotechnology, research and development.

Melles Griot optical tabletops and vibration isolation systems provides the most stable and disturbance-free working environment available. The tabletops feature excellent surface flatness, minimum relative motion, low dynamic deflection, sealed holes for easy cleanup, and a unique athermalized design for exceptional thermal stability.

M6 Threads on 25mm Centres

Fitted with 4 feet as per close up image

Slight damage on one hole (perhaps a mounted instrument has been aggressively removed at some point so slightly raising the area) as per close up

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