Bioquell Microflow 1.2 Horizontal Laminar Flow Workstation

Bioquell Microflow 1.2 Horizontal Laminar Flow Workstation
Conforming to BSEN ISO 14664-1 Class 5, these units have an open front and are commonly used for media pouring, dissection and microscopy work. the main HEPA filter is situated immediately behind the working area; clean air is then blown accross the work surface towards the operator.
The working area has clear glass side screens for optimum visibility. The stainless steel work surface makes the unit easy to maintain and integral lighting is standard. The fans run at a low speed to prolong their life and manintain a low saound level
This unit is fitted with 2 x 13A sockets
Dims EXT 75cm (D) x 126cm (W) x 114cm (H)
Serial# 20050521924
YR. 2005
Note this unit is NOT U.V. equipped depite the indicator on the control panel
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