Malvern Instruments Hydro 2000SM Sample Dispersion Unit

Malvern Instruments Hydro 2000SM Sample Dispersion Unit
2015 Model, Serial# MAL1135662
The sole purpose of any sample dispersion unit is to prepare the sample then  deliver it to the optical bench so it can be measured.
The Hydro 2000SM allows the Mastersizer 2000 to be used for particle-in-liquid particle sizing. It is designed for use where the amount of sample available limits the amount of dispersant that can be used to dilute it, or where just a small volume of dispersant is available. This is ideal when the sample or dispersant is toxic or expensive, for example.
The dispersion unit delivers sample to the flow cell in the Mastersizer 2000, using only 50-150ml of dispersant in the tank, depending on the length of tubing used.
The materials used in the manufacture of the dispersion unit maximise the range of samples which can be handled. The variable pump/stirrer speed allows a wide range of particle sizes and densities to be suspended and circulated.
The dispersion unit has three components:
The dispersion unit  – this houses the pump and stirrer.
The controller unit  – controls and displays the pump/stirrer speed.
The flow cell  – situated in the optical bench, the cell allows the sample to pass through the analyser beam.
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