LW Scientific C3 Select Centrifuge

LW Scientific C3 Select Centrifuge 
The C-3 Select is the economical swing-out centrifuge choice for routine blood, urine, semen and fecal seperations at pre-set speeds up to 3000RPM (1,450g)
The C-3 spins 3ml-15ml test tubes up to 3000 rpm. It has tighter straight-line gel separations in order to reduce re-spins and re-mixes and allows for veterinary fecals to spin with coverslips on the tube. Horizontal separation offers many advantages over traditional fixed-angle separations, including tighter straight-line gel separations to reduce re-spins and re-mixes. Additionally, spun fecal floatations in the veterinary markets produce much higher ova recovery results when spun with coverslips on top of the test tube. The C-3 Select spins 3ml-15ml test tubes, up to 17mm x 128mm, at speeds up to 3,000 rpm. Select either Blood, Urine, or Fecals on the speed control, set the 30-minute timer, and the C-3 Select will spin at the correct speed. The all-metal rotor is built for strength and durability, and the wide-mouth metal bowl allows for easy clean-up. The whisper-quiet, brushless, heavy-duty motor can handle high volume use and high-speed full loads for years to come.
Straight-line separation for accurate processing.
Pre-calibrated blood, urine, and fecal speeds.
Reduces high potassium results in blood.
Tighter gel line reduces re-mixing
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