LUC96/PSQ96 Pyrosequencer Fast, Accurate DNA sequencing.


LUC96/PSQ96 Pyrosequencer from Pyrosequencing AB


Complete with Cables, Software &  PC

DNA Pyrosequencer
Pyrosequencing AB, Biotage, Quaigen

Fast, Accurate DNA sequencing.

As the power of the technology has become more popular & valuable so the price of new machines like this one, has rocketed.
This Instrument is a current Technnology and available on the market NEW, and little has changed since this model.

This DNA Pyrosequencer is in Excellent working condition, and is available with its PC and Software.
Pyrosequencer Serial number 60-0000-000132 m5
PSQ96 Software licence  QAPD-238Z-****-****

This Instrument has been in dry storage for several years after we abandoned a lab project.

Pyrosequencing is a method of DNA sequencing (determining the order of nucleotides in DNA) based on the "sequencing by synthesis" principle.
It differs from Sanger sequencing, in that it relies on the detection of pyrophosphate release on nucleotide incorporation,
rather than chain termination with dideoxynucleotides.[1]
The technique was developed by Mostafa Ronaghi and Pål Nyrén at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in 1996.[2][3][4]
The desired DNA sequence is able to be determined by light emitted upon incorporation of the next
complementary nucleotide by the fact that only one out of four of the possible A/T/C/G nucleotides are
added and available at a time so that only one letter can be incorporated on the single stranded template (which is the sequence to be determined).
The intensity of the light determines if there are more than one of these "letters" in a row.
The previous nucleotide letter (one out of four possible dNTP) is degraded before the next nucleotide letter is added for
synthesis: allowing for the possible revealing of the next nucleotide(s) via the resulting intensity of light
(if the nucleotide added was the next complementary letter in the sequence).
This process is repeated with each of the four letters until the DNA sequence of the single stranded template is determined.

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