Lorentzen and Wettre ECT Cutter Billerud, 25mm

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L&W (Lorentzen and Wettre) ECT Cutter Billerud

Prepares accurate samples for ECT testing L&W ECT Cutter Billerud prepares accurate samples of corrugated board for ECT testing. This method, which cuts the edges parallel, is the established tool for preparing the edges of an ECT test piece, no matter which standard is used. L&W ECT Cutter Billerud is used for cutting straight and parallel sided test pieces with perpendicular edges for ECT testing.

A raw sample is placed against the backstop and the handle is pushed. The pneumatically driven cutter head, with its two knives, cuts the samples along the top and bottom edges in two parallel straight lines. The two knives are fully guided to ensure an accurate cutting result.

Sharp knives are of great importance to the end-result, therefore the cutter is supplied with a built-in counter, to monitor the life of the blades. This feature ensures that each sample will be cut to conform to existing standards.

Specifications: Cuts straight, parallel and right-angled edges – vital to the test result. Pneumatically driven cutter head. A built-in counter checks the life of the knives.


L&W ECT Cutter Billerud – Code 008 Inclusive 10 spare knives


Cut test piece size 25 mm (1 in)

Test piece

Thickness 9 mm (0.35 in) max

Installation requirements

Instrument air

0.4 MPa (60 psi) Size


0.4 × 0.6 × 0.1 m

16 × 24 × 4 in


0.05 m³

1.8 ft³

Net weight

9 kg

20 lb

Gross weight

16 kg

35 lb

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