Leica RM2235

Leica RM2235 Manual Rotary Microtome
Uniquely user-friendly, the robust RM2235 offers numerous features that have never before been available in this class of microtome. It is designed for manual routine paraffin sectioning but can also be used for cutting harder materials.
The RM2235 rotary microtome is perfectly suited for those who expect precision sectioning and appreciate the feel and extra measure of control during manual sectioning.
The  one-piece, protective housing provides long product life
• Knife holder base: universal knife holder  base fits virtually all Leica Biosystems  knife holder systems.
• Optimized microtome base plate:   provides maximum rigidity
• One-piece housing: made from specially  resistant plastic, without any edges  where debris could accumulate, which  reduces cleaning to a minimum.
• Fewer clamping levers: makes the Leica  RM2235 rotary microtome easier to use  by providing improved access to the  cutting area.
Width (including handwheel) 47 cm
Depth  51 cm 
Height  31 cm
Specimen retraction approx. 40 µm, can be deactivated
Vertical stroke 70 mm
Trim settings 10 µm, 30 µm
Weight (without accessories): approx. 29 kg, 64 lbs
PDF Manual
Serial No: 1635/05.2006
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