Leica CM E Compound Microscope Upright Brightfield 1349522X

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Leica CM E Compound Microscope Upright Brightfield 1349522X


The Leica CM E Compound Microscope combines exclusive design features and a full range of accessories making it a truly versatile, quality instrument for advanced academic and routine clinical applications.



  • 13492000 Binocular viewing tube
  • 13493005 Stand including x/y mechanical stage and Abbe sliding condenser
  • 13491000 Eyepiece E2 WF 10x/18 with pointer
  • 13491005 Eyepiece E2 WF 10x/18 
  • 13591015 Graticule 100 div/0.01mm
  • 13494000 E2 Achromat Objective 4x/0.10
  • 13494005 E2 Achromat Objective 10x/0.25
  • 13494010 E2 Achromat Objective 40x/0.65
  • 13494015 E2 Achromat Objective 100x/1.25 (oil)
  • Power cord
  • Dustcover


The microscope is in good operating condition and has previously been used in a university teaching lab that had an ongoing service plan. Images form part of the description.

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