Lauda Ecoline RE120 Heating and cooling thermostat

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Lauda Ecoline RE120 Heating and cooling thermostat

The thermostats of the LAUDA Ecoline series are the economicstandards for laboratories. They combine leading edge technology with maximum possible economy of operation. Due to the variable LAUDA Ecoline product range, LAUDA Ecoline devices can be utilised in various ways. They can be used both for simple and for very demanding tasks. They all have in common simple digital 3-key operation, support from an LCD display, a large number of high-quality safety functions, and economy of operation.

LAUDA Ecoline cooling thermostats use a powerful cooling unit with high reserve capacity to extract sufficient heat at the stated minimum temperatures. They have automatic refrigeration control that thinks rationally and economically. It switches the compressor on or off depending on the requirements. This saves energy, lengthens the lifetime of the compressor and makes the unit capable of being automated. All LAUDA Ecoline heating thermostats are fitted with cooling coils to enable operation with cold water, as well as pump connections for a LAUDA through-flow cooler,

E 100 The E 100 devices are entry-level models in the LAUDA Ecoline range. They offer precisely the right degree of digital functionality that is required for conventional thermostating tasks in the laboratory; simple input via three keys, digital display, automatic safety functions with warning signals and switch-off for an excessively low level of liquid in the bath and overtemperature (safety class III, FL for use with flammable liquids), individual fault reports. You do not need to pay for anything that you do not actually need.
✜ LCD display, resolution of indication 0.1 °C
✜ Symbols to show operating status
✜ Simple 3-key operation
✜ User-friendly menu guidance
✜ Display of actual or set temperature
✜ Overtemperature protection
✜ Low-level protection
✜ Vario pump technology
✜ Audible alarm
✜ Fault report with automatic self-tests
✜ Facility for calibration

Working temperature range* °C -30...120
Temperature stability ±°C 0.04
Heater power kW 1.5
Discharge pressure max. bar 0.4
Pump flow max. L/min 17
Bath volume L 14..20
Bath opening/depth mm 300x350/160

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