Lamda 25 UV/VIS Spectrometer and PTP 6 Peltier System from Perkin Elmer


Perkin Elmer 25 UV/VIS Spectrometer and PTP 6 Peltier System

With User Manual

For fast and reliable results time after time, choose the Lambda 25 for routine UV/VIS applications, water and environmental methods,

liquids analysis and pharmacopoeia and regulatory tests. The comprehensive range of operating modes provides trustworthy results for a range of analyses including quantitative measurements and kinetics studies.


Range : 190 - 1100 nm
    LAMBDA 25 Bandwidth : 1 nm (fixed)
    LAMBDA 35 Bandwidth : 0.5 - 4 nm (variable)
    Modes Of Operation : scanning, wavelength program, time-drive, rate, quant, scanning quant
    All version require, but do not include, a PC


  •     True double-beam operation
  •     High throughput, low stray-light optics
  •     Pre-aligned deuterium and tungsten-halogen lamps
  •     Wide range of accessories and consumables


  •     Very high stability, high accuracy and reproducibility.
  •     Easily passes all pharmacopoeia and regulatory performance tests
  •     Quickly replaced for minimal downtime
  •     Perfect for the routine analysis of liquids, powders, solids, pastes and gases

A range of LAMBDA 25 application-specific systems is available for purchase online through Perkin Elmer. Each system complete with the essential accessories and consumables that are needed to get you started, and a range of further accessories/consumables bundles are available to expand your capabilities.

Not included but available from Perkin elmer:
UV WinLab V5 software:

    Full spectrometer control, spectral calculation, performance validation and reporting
    Database operation for fast data retrieval, trending and charting

Peltier PTP 6

The research Peltier systems are thermostatting solutions for applications which require temperatures between 0 and 100 degrees C. The PTP-1 and PTP-6 are single channel (sample beam) one and six-cell accessories and the PTP-1+1 and 6+6 offer additional reference-beam temperature control. Each accessory includes full temperature-ramp programming capability via the simple touchpad and integral cuvette stirring. Important advantages of Peltier-controlled thermostatting system are the ability to move rapidly between temperatures, sub-ambient operation and a high upper temperature limit, which allows applications such as DNA Melting.

  •     Temperature range : 0-100 C
  •     Temperature Accuracy : +/-0.1 C
  •     Temperature : Reproducibility : +/-0.05 C
  •     Maximum ramping rate : 10 C/min.
  •     Stirring speed : 250-2000 RPM
  •     Water circulation recommended to remove excess heat from Peltier block



220V to 240V 50Hz


Used Condition:

We do not have the equipment to test the item thoroughly.

On Power up the PTP 6 drives the Spectrometer, and both the Halogen and D2 lamps light up.

Overall condition is good

Sold as seen.


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