Labsystems 1410 iEMS Micoplate Incubator/Shaker with raised control panel

Labsystems 1410 iEMS® Incubator/Shaker
Increase sensitivity and specificity of ELISA assays and reduce incubation time with the iEMS Incubator/Shaker, a high-performance microplate incubator and shaker designed for ELISA applications. The iEMS Incubator/Shaker provides superior temperature control and efficient orbital shaking, providing high performance and productivity meeting even the highest assay demands.
High performance microplate incubators and orbital shakers have an orbit of 0.1mm and five speeds from 400–1400rpm, adjustable in 250rpm increments. Shaker motion ensures efficient mixing of even very viscous liquids. An individual thermal microplate holder is designed for uniform heating of each microplate to eliminate temperature gradients and edge effects.
The iEMS® incubator/shaker is designed to handle up to three 96-well plates and to fit into a small bench space, making it perfect for medium-sized laboratories.
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