Laboratory Power Supply Isotech IPS2303


Isotech IPS2303 Laboratory Power Supply

Type             Digital
Power Rating         180W
Depth             265mm
Output Voltage         0 ? 30V
Number of Outputs     2
Weight             7kg
Supply Voltage         100/120/220/240V, 50/60Hz ±15 %
Voltage Range         0 - 30V
Height             145mm
Minimum Temperature     0°C
Display         Single
Maximum Temperature     +40°C
Current Output 1     0-3A
Nominal Input Voltage     A.C 100/120/220/240V ±10%
Voltage Output 1     0-30V
Current Output 2     0-3A
Meter Type         LED
Voltage Output 2     0-30V
Output Current 1&2     0-3A
Output Voltage 1&2     0-30V
Width             255mm
Output Current         0 ? 3A
Number of Displays     1

Output enable/disable control
Fan speed control circuit minimises fan noise
          Constant voltage            Constant Current
Line regulation
(CH 1& 2)    =0.01% + 3mV                =0.2% +3mA
Load regulation
(CH 1& 2)    =0.01% + 3mV (rating current =3A)    =0.2% +3mA
Ripple & noise
(CH 1& 2)    <1mVms 5Hz to 1MHz            =3mArms
Tracking Series Voltage
Tracking Parallel Current                 0 to 60V 0 to 6A
Tracking Operation            Tracking error    =0.5% +3mV of the master
(CH1, CH2) 0 - 30V    Series regulation    =300mV
             Load regulation    =0.1% +3mV
             Ripple & noise    =2mVrms 5Hz to 1MHz
IPS4303 2.2V to 5.2V    Line regulation    =5mV
Dimensions & Weight     W.255 H.145 D.265mm, Wt.7kg (approx)    
Supply Voltage    100/120/220/240V ±15%, 50/60Hz    

Rugged, high specification units suitable for Laboratory, industrial and educational use.

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