Kruss K12 Tensiometer MK6 System


Kruss K12 Tensiometer MK6 System

With Metrohm Dosimat 665
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Measure interfacial and surface tension of liquids by platinumplate method
Measure instantaneous contact angle by Wilhelmy plate method
Determine surface energy of solids
Measure advancing and receding contact angle by controlling of volume

Tensiometer Krüss K12

• Determination of surface tension of
liquids and/or the interfacial
tension between two liquids
• Detemination of contact angle and
surface energy of solids, powders
• Determination of critical micelle
concentration (CMC)
• Wetting behaviour of tablets,
pharmaceutical active ingredients
and excipients
• Wetting and adhesion of coatings
• Density of liquids and solids

Consumables from Kruss France: Tél +33 1 60 14 94 94 | |

or email:

Consumables are similar to the later model Kruss K12

Application note: Washburn measurements on porous solids

Power: 115V and 230V, 50/60 Hz

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