KNF N022 AN.18 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump


KNF N022 AN.18 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

Series N 022 diaphragm pumps are single-head, dry-running devices used in a wide range of laboratory applications. They 
transfer, compress and pump down without contamination.

¦ 100% oil-free transfer
¦ Pure transferring, evacuation and compression of gases
¦ Version for slightly aggressive or corrosive gases and vapours
¦ Maintenance-free
¦ Environmentally friendly
¦ Gastight, leakage rate approx. 6 x 10-3 mbar x l/s, not tested in serial production

Dimensions L x H x W (mm) 203/194/145
Weight 4 kg
Delivery (l/min)1) 15
Ultimate vacuum (mbar abs.) 100
Operating pressure (bar g) 4

Type/Order No. Pump head Diaphragm   Valves
N 022 AN.18    Aluminum     CR     Stainless steel

Serial# 1077955

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