Juvent 1000, Dynamic Motion Therapy, The non Drug Treatment for Osteoporosis.


Juvent 1000 Dynamic Motion Therapy

The non Drug Treatment for Osteoporosis.

DOM 2006, however never been unpacked, still in the manufacturers box. ($6000.00 When New). Bargain £1995.00 +VAT

We know from space programs that it is impossible to achieve total health without a sufficient amount of skeletal impact. It’s that simple.

Your bones have many functions that rely on regular healthy impact, it’s one of the fundamental requirements for optimal health. Juvent makes it possible to get daily skeletal impact that is safe, effective and easy.

Good health is so important and the Juvent Platform can help to maintain yours. It’s evidence- based — rooted in extensive research — and it’s groundbreaking. Easy and effective, the Juvent Micro-Impact Platform is an effective solution that promotes musculoskeletal health while helping to relieve joint pain and improving balance.

Simply standing on the Juvent Platform for 10 to 20 minutes a day. You’ll feel a subtle, pleasant stimulation. Starting at your feet and legs, it extends upward through your torso, arms, and upper body. Using our platform just three days a week has been shown to help improve blood flow, ease joint, knee and back pain, and increase stability.

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