JEIO TECH OV11 Vacuum Oven, up to 25 Deg C


JEIO TECH OV11 Vacuum Oven

With User Manual


  • 28 Ltr Capacity
  • Temperature Range +5Deg C to 250 Deg C
  • Vacuum range 1 - 76cm Hg
  • Max relative Humidity 80%, altitude up to 2000m

The CLS(Custom Logical Safe)-control system is a patent pending technology developed by JEIO-TECH.

The result of many years of experience, driven by the desire to provide better, more reliable and safer equipment. It is designed for user comfort and confidence, easy to operate with integral safety features.

CLS-Control System thermal safety features exceeds Class II protection and is safe for use in environments which require perfect thermal safety.  Such as, laboratories with flammable substances.
The auto-tuning allows users to fine tune PID temperature control accuracy /  esponse across a narrow range closest to a set point.
The in-band function is used to recalibrate temperature measurement sensor that may "run / deviate" over a period of time.
This re-calibration function feature ensures long term confidence in the accuracy of the sensor, increasingly important for ISO and GLP accredited environments.
Ideal for general drying, curing, conditioning, desiccating, annealing, moisture testing, vacuum embedding, out-gassing solids and liquids, plating, aging tests and electronic process control.

Designed to operate with reduced pressures and / or inert atmospheres thus equipped with separate vacuum and gas ports, each with its own 3-way valve.

Microprocessor PIDA controller offers accurate temperature and reproducibility.

A touch-sensitive membrane keypad with digital display allows the user to set the temperature easily.

Double-wall construction and fully insulated chamber maximize energy whilst keeping the exterior cool.

Silicon gasket and positive push button latch ensure a tight seal at vacuum levels.

The heat-tempered full view window permits continuous monitoring
Anodized aluminium heat conductors transmit heat to two removable shelves.

A temperature sensor on the aluminum shelves indicate an exact sample temperature. Over temperature limit prevents over heating.
The optional safety cover consists of polycarbonate shield and perforated cover can be fitted on the door easily.



External: W68 x H48 x D45 cm

Internal: W30 x H31 x D29

Weight 63Kg

120v to 250V Av 50/60|Hz, 5.2A


Model AAH 13115K

Serial No M019131

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