Jasco HPLC system

Jasco HPLC system
Low Cost opportunity for a compact HPLC 
PU 980 Intelligent HPLC Pump
UV 975 Intelligent UV/VIS detector
DG 980-50 3 Line Degasser
LG 980-02 Tertiary Gradient Unit
AS950 Intelligent Autosampler
Dimensions: 5 Units stacked as per images 48cm (D) x 30cm (W) x 47cm (H)
Jasco is a recognized leader in the analytical and medicinal chemistry industries. They are a leading 
provider of innovative and robust analytical and measuring solutions designed to enhance the efficiency 
and quality of chemical analyses while maximizing productivity and facilitating real-time measurements 
in production environments and laboratories as well as in the field. Jasco analytical solutions can be 
counted upon to consistently deliver accurate measurements and analyses under the most demanding 
conditions. Engineers all around the world know they can depend on Jasco as they have a stellar record 
and are considered to be one of the industry's most trusted manufacturers.
Model PU-980 HPLC Pump
Microprocessor-controlled HPLC Pump with the most advanced proven pumping mechanism
Model PU-980 intelligent HPLC pump covers a wide flow rate range from 1 µl/min with a flow rate 
precision as good as ± 0.1 %. Versatile programming capabilities allow sophisticated time-based programs 
of high binary and low pressure ternary gradient elution, flow rate, solvent selection, etc., meeting 
numerous requirements on HPLC applications in various fields. Model PU-980i Inert HPLC pump assures 
biological separation without contact with any metallic material. 
- Compact, space saving design as small as 150 mm with / 150 mm height
- Built-in program allows high-pressure gradient operation of 2 PU-980 pumps or low-pressure gradient 
operation of one PU-980 pump and proportioning valve without any external system controller
- Automatic plunger cleaning function provided as standard
Main specifications PU-980 HPLC Pump
Flow rate range:1 µl/min to 10.0 ml/min with 1 µl/min step
Flow rate accuracy:± 2% of setting or ±10 µl/min, whichever is greater
Maximum pressure:500 kgf/cm2
Time program:64 steps, up to 10 files
Dimension:150 (W) x 464 (D) x 150 (H) mm
Weight:Approx. 10 kg
Model UV975 Intelligent UV/VIS Detector
Wavelength range 190-600 nm
Wavelength accuracy ± 2 nm
Wavelength reproducibility ± 0.1 nm
Sensitivity range 0.0005 - 2.56 AUFS
Deuterium source lamp
Standard analytical flow cell volume 8 ul
Autozero, mark, time constant
Model DG980-50 Degasser
The DG range of JASCO degassers is built to last with a high quality cast aluminium vacuum housing and a 
heavy duty rugged vacuum pump, these units will deliver results long after their competitors!
Number of line: 3
Maximum flowrate: 10ml/min (with water)
Maximum usable flowrate: 4ml/min
Maximum pressure: 2.0kgf/cm2
Solvent hold-up volume: Approx. 10ml each line
LG-980-02 Tertiary Gradient Unit, 3-solvent
The model LG-980-02 Low pressure gradient unit is designed to be used with the model PU-980 Intelligent 
HPLC pump. This unit can be configured for gradients up to 3 solvents..
Number of solvents: 3
Precision of solvent composition: +/-0.2% (in the composition range of 10 to 90%)
Precision of linear gradient: +/-1% (in the composition range of 10 to 90%)
Flow rate range: 0.3 ml/min to 3 ml/min
Model AS950 Intelligent Autosampler
JASCO family of HPLC autosamplers are fully automatic injection systems enabling greater productivity 
and the highest level of precision. Sampling flexibility using up to 120 standard vials or 182 
microvials and  up to two 96 well microplates (including Microfine plates)  for laboratory automation 
and combinatorial chemistry.
Sample pretreatment capability
Excellent injection reproducibility
Complete flexibility
Temperature control
Semi-micro HPLC
Operate as part of an automated system with EZChrom Elite or EZStart
Compatible with other third party products such as Micromass Masslynx, Finnigan Xcalibur, Dionex 
Note we are including with the sale one new Needle (in original packaging) Jasco part # 6626-H174A and a collection of small spares/tubes
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